Under age 3

Morning only 8:30am-12:15pm £43.00

Morning & Lunch 8:30am-1:00pm £47.00

All Day 8:30am-3pm £64.00

Over age 3 (Government Funded)

The Government funding for 3 years olds allows up to 15 hours/week.  We are offering Government funded sessions from 12.00 – 3.00 each day.


Morning sessions and full days will be charged at Highmoor Nursery rates, with the funding deducted.

We will also accept the 30 hours funding, for those families who qualify.  Please ask about our charging policy for further details.

Payment can be made using vouchers from employers as well as via the Government Tax-free Childcare scheme which saves you tax and National Insurance.  Please ask for more details.

Children can attend from the age of two.

We are committed to safeguarding children and operate a safer recruitment policy.

Autumn 2022

First Half Term:

5th September to 21st October

Half Term Break

Second Half Term:

31st October to 16th December

Spring 2023

First Half Term:

4th January to 10th February

Half Term Break

Second Half Term:

20th February to 28th March

Summer 2023

First Half Term:

17th April to 26th May

(excluding May 1st Bank Holiday)

Half Term Break

Second Half Term:

5th June to 14th July