Highmoor Nursery School

Babes in the Woods

Stay and Play Group
All Preschool Children Welcome

All sessions include a music class, soft play equipment, sand, water, ball pit, playdoh 
and lots of toys.


9:30am – 11am

Free play and music with Chez of Starlight MDV

Stoke Row Pavilion,
Newlands Lane,
Stoke Row,
RG9 5PS.

Babes in the Woods Stay and Play Rules and Information

Babes in the Woods is an informal Baby, Toddler and Pre-school group.  Our main aim is to provide a safe, fun environment, where children can play and parents/carers can chat and meet new friends.  Children are welcome to attend until the end of their Early Years Education.

We are open term time only and our current opening times are:

Monday, 9.30am – 11.00am for Music and Freeplay 
£9.00/child or £16.50 for two children (must be siblings)
We are an inclusive group, who aim to treat everyone with honesty, fairness and respect. We offer a genuinely warm welcome to all – Mums, dads, grandparents and carers, regardless of age, gender, religion or physical ability.

A space is provided for nappy changing.

For the enjoyment and health and safety of everyone attending please could you follow a few simple ground rules:

  • Report any accident or incident immediately.

  • Leave buggies outside on the covered veranda.

  • Please use the thermos beakers for hot drinks if they are being consumed in the main hall area.

  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen area.

  • Please make sure the exit door is securely closed behind you and do not allow any child to leave the building without their parent/carer

We encourage children to be kind to each other at all times.  Please could we ask for your help to ensure that your children’s behaviour does not affect the enjoyment for other children who attend.

Finally, could we remind you that while in the group, your child’s safety and behaviour is your responsibility. Please supervise your children at all times.